Learning More About Your Residential Garage Car Lift Options

One of the most common issues that homeowners have about owning a car is not having enough room for parking. If you will not use your car, the best place to keep it is your garage. When it comes to most houses, there is only enough space in their garage to store one car. Parking one car is easier in this set-up, but when you need to park more than one, things become more challenging. If this is your problem, worry not with residential garage car lifts. You can even customize your garage lift to make it more luxurious.

If you are unfamiliar with car lifts, you can find them from professional mechanics and car shops. These professionals only use the latest car lifting equipment available out there. Most residential garages are unable to take advantage of these large devices because of their size and cost. You are, thus, better off gong for residential garage car lifts. Again, there are many choices of garage car storage lifts that you can choose from for your home. For you to appreciate the benefits of a garage lift at home, you have to be aware of the right car lifting equipment.

The use of different methods and equipment is necessary to lift your car so you can go under it or put another car below it. You have to consider the equipment used for your garage lift and its quality, weight capacity, and name brand to know the total price you will pay.

Ramps are popularly used to lift up your car inside your garage. You can elevate the back end or front end of your car using this lifting equipment so you can go under. Each tire of your car gets one ramp. You use these ramps if you require to lift up your car between 6″ and 18″ from the ground. They are very reliable supports because your tires rest on them. You don’t have to worry about your car slipping or making an accident.

For ATV and motorcycle use, you have sturdier and longer car ramps to choose from in the market. Some car ramps you see can lift up your full-sized car as well onto flat beds. This feature makes it easier to transport cars without adding mileage and burning gas. Of course, they also make perfect garage storage lifts. Your strength and size requirements matter in determining the prices of these sets.

For your home garage, you can also use car stands and jacks to lift your car. The rolling floor jack is essentially a popular car lifting tool used in residential garages. Depending on the rating of the job, you can lift cars between 2 and 4 tons using a roll under type of jack. These are perfect solutions for changing your car’s fluids or rotating your tires. If you need to lift your cars for parking purposes, you can instead have car parking lifts specifically installed in your garage.
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